Making A Connection through Meditation

New Beginnings

The number one reason most of us want a connection with our loved ones who have ‘passed’ is to know they are well and that it’s all good.  It’s remarkably hard to soothe grief without this connection and remarkably easy when the connection is made.

Every ending is a new beginning. A glorious transformation, like the water lily. Our next life is a symbol of all that is true, good and beautiful, peace, love and enlightenment. Awakening to the spiritual reality of life.

So how do you make this connection?


Intent – Talk to them.  Journal, write letters, poems, get your  feelings and thoughts down.  Writing creates a history giving you a look back at how far you’ve come and what you need or want.  Put intent into your writing.

Flip the switch.  When we are shrouded in a fog of grief so thick that light cannot penetrate – our loved ones cannot reach us.  Every day you live, you are closer to where they are.  Life is terminal.  We will all die.  It is how we choose to live that celebrates life and our loved ones who have passed.  Raise them up with your love and remembrances.  You can do it. Life is short, a blink in eternity.

Relax – Light a candle in remembrance.  Use aroma therapy such as lavender or chamomile, play soft comforting music.

Energy – Get grounded.  Our bodies resonate at 60-120 Hz.  Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed.  Energy is felt and transformed in static shocks.  Defibrillators restart heartbeats.  Release negative energy to the earth.  Throw it down.  The earth loves gravity.  It’s a gift.

Focus Your Energy into Your Fingertips

A demonstration of ‘energy’ by Master Lin of the Qi Forest Qi Gong Center in Minneapolis: With your dominate hand make a peace sign, bring your forefingers together.  Consciously send energy into your fingertips.  Open your opposite palm fingers together.  Position your forefingers over the palm of your open opposite hand with fingers together.  Without touching the opposing hand, move your dominate hand in clockwise or counter clockwise circles over your opposite hand.  Most people can feel the energy resonating from their dominate hand onto their opposite open palm.  Try moving your hands farther and farther apart as you make energy circles.  Sensing your energy makes it easier to sense energy during meditations.

Breathe – Replace negative energy with a holy breath.  Breathe deeply and exhale an ocean breath (sigh). Close your eyes to block out external stimulation.

Visualize – Divine light entering your soul with every deep breath connecting you with paradise and your loved one.  Reach for it, it’s coming to you, embrace it.  Let your heart overflow with divine love for the person who is transformed.

Listen – When our  minds are so noisy with thoughts, we cannot hear our loved ones.  Quiet your mind.  Relax, breathe ocean breaths and pay attention.

Pay Attention – You may feel a tingle or twitches, or tiny electric pulses that make the hair on your skin rise up.  You might hear a hush or a vibration, or  tone in your ear.  You may feel warm or hot.  In your mind’s eye you may see colors or light.  Go with it.  The deeper we are in meditation the better we feel and the stronger the connection.

Light – Like fiber optics, light carries transmissions.  Tune in to the messages you are receiving.  Consciously connect with the light.

Return – Open your eyes; rub your hands and face.  It may take a moment for you to feel fully awake.  Write down your experience.

Be Grateful – Acknowledge this sacred time.  Loving, remembering and cherishing your loved ones.  Be grateful for their presence in your life.

Synchronicity – Look for signs from your loved ones. Many people who have been introduced to ‘orbs’ – which are also known as Merkahbah or soul light bodies, begin to see them in their own lives.  Welcome them during celebrations.  Keep a journal of signs from your loved ones.


What if You Can’t Make the Connection?


Professional HelpHelp – Very much like placing a call to a third world country, you may need to use a third party professional operator for help.

Licensed Psychologists – Are using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming) to Instigate After Death Communication (IADC).  Reports are being published demonstrating how IADC soothes grief, helping our soldiers and persons who have been traumatized by death normalize and live healthier lives.

EMDR – Is an approved therapy for post trauma stress disorders.  Many patients have experienced after death communications after EMDR with licensed psychologists.  Walking  on Sunshine* is one example.  Another bold telling is The Reason* by Sally Grablick. Her son died from suicide.  Suicides are particularly difficult and painful.  Connections with these loved ones are very healing.

Certified Medium Minneapolis MinnesotaLicensed Mediums – Most people are reluctant to trust mediums.  They can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars with no guarantee that the person you want to connect with will respond.  Authentic mediums are often passed over because poor performers harm mediumship as a whole.  Or because Hollywood has persuaded audiences that our loved ones are somehow ‘stuck’ or life after death is somehow ‘spooky.

Windbridge Certified Research Mediums strive to validate professionals. Troy Parkinson, Minnesota, is a Windbridge Certified Research Medium, film maker and author of Bridge to the Afterlife.

Religion – Author Sally Grablock quotes, “Religion is for people that believe in hell.  Spirituality is for people who have been there.” Death, like birth, is painful.  The next place that we go is bright, joyful and loving.

Give yourself permission.  Books like Heaven is Real* affirm that our loved ones exist after death.  People of all religions connect with their loved ones in the light.  You will not be the first religious person to heal in this way.

IANDS researches life after death experiences if you want to learn from people who have died and come back to life.

Courage – Share your experiences so that others will know that love never dies.  Our loved ones live forever! Life and love are eternal.

Rewards – Are promise, hope, healing, love and the absence of fear.  This makes the journey of life worth celebrating.  Grow your soul in light and love.

Namaste – May our light shine together in the next place that we go, Oneness.

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