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By |December 15th, 2011|

A naturally gifted medium, Mollie uses her abilities to bring forth evidence that proves your deceased loved ones are “alive” in Spirit, aware of your life situation, and sending you their loving support and inspiration.

During grief, it is helpful to recognize life as a cycle of blooming and resting. Once in Spirit, we are able to […]

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By |December 15th, 2011|

Soul Shift is a dramatic story of a father’s unbearable loss and his discovery of life after death offering hope to the bereaved and compelling evidence that death is not the end. Businessman Mark Ireland’s father is Richard Ireland, a deeply spiritual minister and renowned psychic-medium who counted Mae West among his famous clients until […]

Spark Plug People You Need To Know

By |December 3rd, 2011|

People like to form relationships with those they know a little something about and feel good about. They tend to trust them more. That’s why Spark Plug takes time to provide biographical information and radio interviews, which spotlight many ‘People You Need to Know.”

It’s an honor and a privilege to be a Spark Plug “People You […]

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EMDR – Guided Afterlife Connections

By |November 1st, 2011|

The most effective method of soothing grief is communicating with loved ones in spirit.

Repeatedly, bereaved persons are discovering that love prevails mending the pain of death and separation. If you are grief stricken, suffering because you LOVE someone who has died, perhaps a spiritual connection to your loved one can heal your heart, nurture your soul and help you live your […]

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Making the Connection

By |July 19th, 2011|

New Beginnings

The number one reason most of us want a connection with our loved ones who have ‘passed’ is to know they are well and that it’s all good.  It’s remarkably hard to soothe grief without this connection and remarkably easy when the connection is made.

Every ending is a new beginning. A glorious transformation, like the water lily. Our next life is a symbol of all that is true, good and beautiful, peace, love and enlightenment. Awakening to the spiritual reality of life.
So how do you make this connection? […]

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Mindfulness – Conscious Awakening – Connections

By |June 9th, 2011|

Mindfulness is the ability to calm and quiet your mind, to open or awaken your consciousness.  Rick Singer’s book, blog and website can help you attain a quiet, mindful consciousness. by entering into a deeper–and possibly transformative–practice of appreciation for the wonder of life each moment offers.  (Lower the volume on your device before linking […]

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Merkabah: Light Spirit Body aka – Soul Orbs, Angel Orbs or Spirit Orbs

By |May 21st, 2011|

Neither the author, nor her family, had ever heard of or experienced Merkabah before Tyler’s death.  They are a comforting reminder that Tyler’s soul, and other dear ones, are ever present in love and light. Merkabah are discussed in religious texts of varying religions. They are defined as soul light vehicles, sun boats, and chariot of spirit.

Fantastic brilliant […]

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Memorials – Love Never Dies

By |May 21st, 2011|

On birthdays and holidays when families come together there is a silent hush where the voice and presence of our loved one belongs.  The void ushers in noticeable but unspoken.

We can still love and honor our dear ones in the light.  Light a candle.  Play their favorite music.  Give a gift to a less fortunate […]

Saint Tyler by Jon

By |January 11th, 2011|

Tyler left a positive impact on other people’s lives.  He raised the bar.  He continues to leave a positive imprint after his death.  Jon was in junior high when he wrote an essay titled, Saint Tyler.

Tyler is most remembered for how he loved others.  He prayed and gave peace and stood up for others if they were being picked on.  Tyler helped people as he worked with DARE giving advice and once even reported a bomb threat to his school.  Tyler had a website (MySpace) that had Christian sayings on it, and he stayed out of trouble and tried to convince his friends to stay out of trouble too.  Tyler was like Jesus in that he would say “our job is to love one another”.  He offered unconditional love to those around him.

Tyler is a saint because he always gave his best and lived rightly.  Tyler is remembered for his sense of humor. To Tyler, how others felt was so very important.  He would put another before himself.  Tyler prayed a lot to show his dedication to God.  To help others, Tyler would listen to what another was saying, and seem to know what that person needed, or what was important to that person.  He tried to be a peacemaker, and would intervene with a joke or a kind word.  He would be kind to someone especially if they were younger than him, or sick or disabled in any way.  Tyler is a saint because he was selfless.  […]

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